VTS and Maritime Traffic Management Systems

Borderless Consulting puts research and the latest VTS technology at the service of maritime traffic in the most important waterways in the world. At the forefront of Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology and with important innovations such as the creation of the first VTS (Naval Traffic System) based on AIS itself. The vanguard in Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology and with important innovations such as the creation of the first VTS (Naval Traffic System) based on AIS itself, the first remote AIS base station, the first to transmit meteorological data through of AIS and first AIS-based ECS; The technological base of Alma technologies has been decisive in the development of the AIS and ISPS codes that today are mandatory. Since then,

The solutions that Borderless Consulting offers for the maritime industry, has more than 20,000 systems and sensors implanted in the last 15 years. Borderless Consulting is focused on the maritime domain and on providing customized solutions for Ports, Coasts, Coast Guards, the Navy and other Maritime and National Security Authorities. Alliances with leading partners in the industry in the equipment of: AIS, Radar, CCTV Cameras and sensor manufacturers. This allows us to reduce infrastructure costs that are transferred to our clients throughout the project development chain.

Maritime Traffic Management

Among the most important functions of the VTMS system, it should be noted that it allows the authorities to carry out their activities, contributing and increasing their efficiency in:

  • Safety of life at sea.
  • Navigation safety.
  • Efficiency in the movement of vessel traffic.
  • Protection of the marine environment.
  • Support for maritime security. Support the application of the Law.
  • Protection of Infrastructure and adjacent communities.

In a VTMS system, the information obtained in real time is displayed in layers to increase situational awareness, allowing VTMS operators to act proactively, increasing the safety of life at sea through the mitigation of threats or incidents:
Prevent incidents since they are developing.
Prevent incidents from the moment they develop into accidents.
Prevent accidents since they develop into disasters.
Mitigate the consequences of incidents, accidents and disasters.
The VTS is the effort to avoid incidents resulting from ship traffic movements, not only contributing to the improvement of the ship traffic safety, but also to the improvement of the safety of life at sea and the protection of the environment. – IALA VTS Guide 2012 Section 0403.

With over 80% of world cargo on the seas, optimized and robust system tracking controls are more impotant then ever, we need to look into the future, it is important to recognize under correct supervision and regulation for success, making each transport around the world in safety.”



UNCTAD latest report

Review of Maritime Transport 2022

With ships carrying over 80% of volume of global trade, higher shipping costs and lower maritime connectivity lead to higher inflation, shortages of food, and interruptions of supply chains – all of which are among the features of the current global crisis.

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