Unique data distribution problem

Today, financial and insurance institutions consider the problem of distributing unique, certified and validated data within the organization a priority.

Compliance with regulatory restrictions

In recent years, regulations have become more restrictive and their compliance requires systems to ensure the quality of the information they use, as well as its storage and custody for many years.

New financial scenario

Scenarios in which financial applications are fed directly with data from data-vendors are destined to disappear in a relatively short time.

DATALTECH covers this need, eliminating uncertainty in the sources of information and the distribution and use of financial data.

Dataltech is an EDM that allows the capture, consolidation, validation, certification, storage, custody and distribution of dynamic and static data in financial entities.

Full traceability and transparency

DATALTECH makes available to you all the source data, the normalization and business rules applied to the data, as well as all the processes and workflows of the tool.

Certified data

DATALTECH performs the capture, normalization, synchronous and asynchronous consolidation and certification of the data extracted from the sources and offers you a single repository from which to supply market data to all your internal and external systems.


DATALTECH puts at your disposal all the market data from publishers as prestigious as Reuters Datascope, Thomson Datastream or Bloomberg Datalicense, among many others.

Borderless Consulting have more than 20 years of experience at the international forefront of technological development and digital transformation projects for our banking, finance and insurance clients, and we have learned the correct steps to follow to guide and manage a technological project in these complex environments until their satisfactory end, applying the best practices, methodologies and the “know how” required from the initial client brief to the successful delivery of the project.
Ultra-fast advanced technology is redefining the world we live in nearly every area of ​​human activity, and this rapid technological evolution has had a major impact on the operation of digital capital markets indices, and the world of banking. investment, insurers and Tier 1 asset managers.


The main challenges in which Borderless Consulting collaborates with its clients:

Data quality

Payment Services-PSD2

On-Boarding Hiring

Agile Methodologies


As a technological partner, supports its clients in the definition of objectives, design and implementation of regulatory compliance management systems and monitoring of the continuous improvement cycle.

Regulatory compliance, among others:

  • Asel 3
  • Solvency 2
  • SOX
  • D 2
  • IFRS
  • Fraud Prevention

After the financial crisis 14 years ago and has evolved more gradually over the past 5 years. As the backdrop for this look into the future, it is important to recognize that this recent past for supervision and regulation has been a success, resulting in a banking system that is safer.”



European Banking Authority Report

The implementation of Basel III in the EU: the CRR and the CRD 

A new CRR/CRD proposal, which incorporates additional changes to the Basel 3 framework, is in process of being developed by the European Commission with technical support from EBA  he EBA’s work on the European Commission’s Call for Advice on the impact and implementation of the finalised Basel III standards.

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