Digital Transformation

At Borderless Consulting we provide answers to the challenges of your business using technology in a disruptive way as a differentiating factor compared to your competition, we always have the fixed target of evolving your business cores by proposing ways and means that allow you to guarantee your objectives and generate value for your clients, partners, etc. At Borderless Consulting we know that the improvement of organizations and of course of people arises from innovation.

Digital transformation tools

Borderless Consulting understands that common tools are involved in any Digital Transformation process:

Digital transformation tools

At the time, many organizations made vital decisions for their business, incorporating revolutionary tools that, due to their isolated nature, did not give the expected result. At Borderless Consulting we have taken advantage of the time uniting the operations and development department under a common goal through Devops in order to integrate these developments within. Additionally, at Borderless Consulting we made the decision to make an effort to adopt containers and make them compatible in order to update applications as independent services.

Customer Experience or consumer experience vs User experience. CX/UX

We live in a time where the customer is king and at Borderless Consulting we wanted to make a decision: “Borderless Consulting transforms the complex into the simple” This new paradigm forces us to think of the interactive as a key gear within the omnichannel strategy. The customer focus forces us to be creative, continue to respond to hidden needs that in themselves give your services an advantage.


We are in the data age. Data is the new gold for companies. Terms such as AI (artificial intelligence), Big Data, Machine learning or Deep learning should not be alien to us. At Borderless Consulting, however, we are not dedicated only to data conservation. We help you discover relevant information and build dashboards that help you make relevant decisions in short periods of time. Borderless Consulting helps you in this process by discovering disruptive use cases, applying disruptive technologies and executing data-driven transformations.

Digital strategy

We know that traditional consulting does not work in our digital world. Traditional consultants and digital transformation consultants, however, know that technology is the answer, but we do not agree on what the question is. At Borderless Consulting we have made the decision to think differently. We know that success lies in executing like engineers, but thinking like designers and that’s how we work. 

​Service Cloud

You cannot understand a company without digital technologies. IaaS, PaaS and serverless. These technologies allow you to simplify infrastructure management tasks, but do not really add value to the business except for the agility to compete at times when customer changes are faster than the company. In this environment, Borderless Consulting helps you define the Cloud master plan. The infrastructure is evaluated from the perspective of business criticality, technological complexity, dimensioning, security and cost. Through managed Cloud services we offer support, we carry out the administration and maintenance of projects developed in the Cloud and of course we are a partner

Change process towards Digital Transformation

Borderless Consulting knows how important the first steps are when starting this change management and digital transformation process. For this, it generates the necessary dynamics of change throughout the entire organization with the aim of changing the collective mentality, with the interest of promoting teamwork, developing better communication channels towards clients, employees, collaborators and investors and of course providing all those involved with the necessary training to carry out their work efficiently.

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