The latest in pressurized Green Houses

Less water consumption. Hydroponic harvest technic reduces water consumption levels due to water is re-used when purifying systems are added. They produce more product nutrition. Hydroponic harvest technical can produce 80% more product nutrition than traditional ones, Plants grow faster. They grow 30% faster in comparison with other harvest methods. Temperature and humidity can be totally controlled. Complete environment control within the greenhouse. Installation in any place due to the harvest is deployed on water,. Within the greenhouse, soil quality has no impact.

•Plant harvest in water

•Feed the plant directly with the exact nutrient quantities through a watery solution.

•Simple, clean and low cost model.

•Quick growth and rich in nutritive components vegetables are produced.

•It is convenient when soils with agricultural ability are not available

•Nutrients are re-used.

•It is more clean. Herbicides are not needed.

•Harvest at any time. Climate, location, place neither season of the year, have not impact using hidroponic technic harvest.

•High quality products. Due to cleanship, nutrients use and no dangerous chemical products use, heathy and high quality food is produced.

•Modular greenhouses. Harvest is modular, more surface can be added as demanded.

Profitable harvest. It is producing all the year 3-4 crops

•Decrease environment impact.

Lettuce soil-less harvest
Red fruits soil-less with led lighting harvest
Inner with led lighting soil-less harvest
Located at height  with led lighting soil-less harvest
Indoor with led lighting soil-less harvest

1. Pressurized structure Climate control

2. Harvest system able to multiply by 5 the harvest surface

3. Fertigation circuit design, development and control even remotely

4. Procurement centralization and commercialization

5. Round Economy for the area.

6. Economy strength of the Community reinforcing its identity

When is appropriate to use a pressurized structure?
  • When energy cost is high
  • When to keep stable temperature variations at lowest cost  is needed
  • When water is a scarce resource and unevenly distributed
  • When the aim is to build a protected environment against rough atmospheric conditions When the aim is to avoid plagues and to protect the crops
  • §Higher efficiency for parameters management such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, absolutely, the climate we need in our greenhouse
  • §Maximum useful livelihood for PVC structures and membranes
  • §Maximum resistance of the canvas against snow and wind loads
  • §Long open layout without column areas, which improves available soil optimization
  • §The greenhouse can expand by modules according need increase.
  • §Short  assembly timing
  • §Side high availalbe until 12 metres, deployed in one or more floors
Strawberry harvest deployed in double cascade
Model TOP H
  • Patented benchs increase on substrate harvest length. Pending on harvest type, can be up to 6-7 times
  • Structures homologated according to rules related to materials in contact with food
  • Maximum resistance for plant and substrate loads
  • Structures deployed by modules
  • Short  assembly timing
  • The solution located at height facilitates  the crop collection job
  • No maintenance cost
Fertigation circuit design, development and control even remotely
Nutrients circuit
  • Irrigation control and fertilizers supply
  • It is applied only at wet area where roots are concentrated
  • It removes pollution of groundwater due to fertilizers leachate. Fertilizers not used are recycled
  • Better and faster nutrient absortion
  • It allows to adecuate nutrient amount and concentration according to its demand during plant growth cycle
  • Fertilizers perfect assimilation 
  • Immediate action to amend crop nutrtient deficiencies IT Control programs continuous update
Procurement centralization and commercialization
  • Best partner for cost savings
  • Corporate structure saving
  • Management and negotiation with suppliers time decrease
  • Availability of more services whose cost wouldn`t be affordable in an individual scheme
  • More shared information availabilty coming from different areas provides a better view of the market and trends
  • More marketing resources availability
  • Access to customers with domestic and international demand
  • Profit margin increase Competitiveness improvement
Round Economy
  • In February 2021, European Parliament voted Action Plan for round economy and set measurements to reach a sustainable, neutre in carbon ad toxic elements free Economy
  • All equipment used until its useful life end will be recycled for other uses
  • During production phase, the  O2/COfinal balance always will mean  O2 contribution to the atmosphere
  • No chemical substances disposal (only fertilizers use) will go to the ground, rivers or sewer network, due to the harvest is done on substrate and remaining fertilizers are re-used
  • Very low organic disposals are  generated and they are used as composting
  • Transition to round economy requires big changes in some current socioeconomic areas. This business model matches with instrumental, technical, social and economic factors that lead and speed up this transition process.
Economy strength of the Community reinforcing its identity
  • The development of this kind of structure doesn`t mean a place of ininterrupted production during  365 days a year only, but it can become in a  strong power for local development.
  • It can reinforce other companies of the Community or build new ones for product transformation.
  • It can support persons obtain new skills and knowledge.
  • It can promote Community identifis its own resources and knows its strenghts.
  • It can do Community is self-sufficient and able to identify and fix its issues.
  • It can help the planning of what is possible to do and what will allow to keep working the development process.

Definetly, it can be a way to encourage relationsips, processes and systems that make possible the community fixes own issues and respond to own needs though planning and action

Building a Greenhouse

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