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Borderless Consulting finances projects and companies through loans from our own account, typically for over 12 years. We also make loans to intermediary banks, leasing companies, and other financial institutions for on-lending. While Borderless Consulting loans traditionally have been denominated in the currencies of major industrial nations, we have made it a priority to structure local-currency products. Borderless Consulting provides local-currency financing in more than 73 local currencies.

Together with our partner network it has been made commitments for $6.6 billion in new loans. A company or entrepreneur seeking to establish a new venture or expand an existing enterprise can approach Borderless Consulting directly.The investment proposal can be submitted to Borderless Consulting for review.

Case Studies

Let’s See the different sectors for Projects

What makes us different? We offer a unique combination of services which no one else does. We do not think along rigid lines, but are always looking out for the best solution. Some of our latest projects keep focusing our clients goals

Realestate Planning

We have set high standards financing framework for real estates project.

Transportation Investment

Investments in clean vehicle technology, clean fuel technology, and relief projects.


We are one of the regional satellite provider focused on Middle East market.

Industrial and Commercial

Developing and operating free trade zones dedicated to ICT industries.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The investment vertical covers healthcare industries across the globe.

Renewable Energy Development

Developing and funding new and ongoing Projects in the Renewable Energy sector.

Wholesale and Retail Trade

Financing all kinds of trading investment cut across small to big businesses.

Startup and Other Projects

Financing all kinds of new ideas and investment cut across small to big businesses.

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Frequently Ask Qustions

Whether you’re thinking about applying for a Start Up Loan, you may have questions about the process. Check out our FAQs by selecting your area of interest from the menu below.

What is Borderless Consulting Investments?

We also provide a part from many other services automated instant loan service to entrepreneurs, government organization, and private firms. Contact us on [email protected], for more information, we look forward to help you!

What loans size does Borderles Consulting handles?

We handle all commercial loan sizes from €100K for small merchant cash advances, to well over €3B for middle-market financing facilities.

What types of bussinesses and Industries Borderless Consulting work with?

We work with all types of industries. Small, medium and large businesses work with Bugest Finance to handle their financing needs.

Do your lenders offer start-up financing?

We handle all types of start-up financing which includes equipment financing, real estate financing, health sector financing, Construction financing, Agriculture financing, Mining financing etc.

What is the usual timeframe to receive funding?

The time period for funding depends on the type of loan the business is seeking. For traditional financing, the time frame can be between 10-20 days. For alternative financing about 5-10 days. Merchant cash advances take 3-7 days.

Borderless Consulting Investments

Borderless Consulting Investments









Maximum upload size: 516MB

Maximum upload size: 516MB

Maximum upload size: 516MB

Maximum upload size: 516MB

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