RemitLogic is a software framework for business processes, built for fast change and adaptability. It’s a tool designed to support predictable and unpredictable workflows, aligning IT and business and serving as a foundation for continuous improvement

Cash Withdrawal in an ATM with face biometrics 1. The user introduces the Credit/Debit card they wants to use in the ATM. 2. The user is asked to show their face and smile to the camera. 3. The system validates the identity and allows the cash withdrawal. Other use cases can be performed by faceID, for example: the user can be first identified by their face and then asked for the PIN code in the ATM, avoiding to introduce a credit card. Account opening process & face biometrics registration in an ATM Registration Process: biometrical comparison and liveness check with more than 21 security measures in real time through a 30 second video. Identity Verification Process: video is asynchronously sent to the back-office for validation by a certified agent. The face biometric pattern can be registered for authentication purposes. This solution provides an omnichannel experience. Additional background checks such as PEPs lists, Interpol or Enhanced Due Dilligence processes can be done at the same time (3rd parties

eM Client is a fully-featured email client for Windows and macOS with a clean and easy-to-use interface. eM Client also offers features for calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, and chat. eM Client is the best email client for mac and Windows.

Dataltech Single data repository Capture and distribution of data. Data normalization. Data consolidation from multiple data feed. Connectivity to external and internal systems. Massive storage and management. Management of historical series greater than 10 years. Support for list with a huge amount of securities. Fast ETL workflow.

The latest in pressurized Green Houses, Advantages: Less water consumption. Hydroponic harvest technic reduces water consumption levels due to water is re-used when purifying systems are added. They produce more product nutrition. Hydroponic harvest technical can produce 80% more product nutrition than traditional ones, Plants grow faster. They grow 30% faster in comparison with other harvest methods. Temperature and humidity can be totally controlled. Complete environment control within the greenhouse. Installation in any place due to the harvest is deployed on water,. Within the greenhouse, soil quality has no impact 

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