In today’s interconnected world, safeguarding sensitive documents demands a solution that exceeds expectations. Developed by Borderless Consulting, Enigmacypher stands as the pinnacle of document security, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge encryption technologies with innovative access controls to protect your information with unparalleled strength and reliability, Enigmacypher harnesses the power of two state-of-the-art encryption methods to fortify your data:

  • Robust Security: AES-GCM is globally recognized for its robust encryption and Galois mode authentication, providing exceptional confidentiality and data integrity.
  • Flexible Key Sizes: Choose between 128, 192, or 256 bits for encryption keys, ensuring adaptive security measures against evolving threats.
  • Unique Nonce and Tag System: Each encryption operation uses a unique nonce and tag, ensuring data authenticity and safeguarding against unauthorized access attempts.
  • Dynamic Nonce Generation: Generates a unique nonce for each session, preventing repeated access attempts and enhancing security.
  • Strong Ciphertext Security: ChaCha20 ensures that your sensitive data remains encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

Security at Enigmacypher is fortified with a stringent triple authentication system:

  1. Login Credentials: Secure username and password authentication.
  2. Email Verification: Authentication is validated via a 14-digit passcode sent to your registered email address, ensuring secure and time-sensitive access. automatically deleted after 5 minutes
  3. Document code: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, including 8-digit unique code per document, for an added layer of security and user convenience that expires and gets deleted after 5 minutes

Each authentication method is meticulously designed to verify user identity comprehensively before granting access to sensitive documents. This triple-layered approach ensures that only authorized personnel can access confidential information, mitigating the risk of unauthorized breaches effectively.

Enigmacypher incorporates advanced anti-tampering mechanisms to protect your documents comprehensively:

  • Print Block: Prevents unauthorized printing of sensitive documents, preserving confidentiality and preventing data leakage.
  • Browser Block: Disables print commands within web browsers, ensuring documents remain securely within the application environment.
  • Clipboard Protection: Restricts copying via Ctrl+C and right-click options, preventing unauthorized data extraction.
  • Screenshot Prevention: Prohibits screenshots of documents, safeguarding against unauthorized distribution and maintaining document integrity.

In an upcoming release, Enigmacypher will introduce groundbreaking technology that prevents photographs of on-screen documents. This innovation marks a significant advancement in digital security, making Enigmacypher the first to offer such robust protection against unauthorized visual capture.

Borderless Consulting leads the charge in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions that redefine digital security. Enigmacypher is tailored for government agencies and high-security enterprises, ensuring compliance with stringent security standards and providing peace of mind in a digital world fraught with threats.

Join us at the forefront of secure technology. Contact Borderless Consulting today to discover how Enigmacypher can elevate your document security and protect your sensitive information like never before, reach us at [email protected]

At Borderless Consulting, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital security today and shaping the secure future of tomorrow.

Interactive elements demonstrating how Enigmacypher safeguards documents, including animations or step-by-step guides on encryption processes and anti-tampering measures.

  • Encryption Process: Interactive animation showcasing how AES-GCM and ChaCha20 encrypt data securely.
  • Anti-Tampering Measures: Step-by-step guide demonstrating how Enigmacypher prevents unauthorized printing and screenshotting.
  • User Interface: Experience a seamless user interface that prioritizes security without compromising usability.”

Check Encryptor from EnygmaCypher TM, EnigmaCypher is a branded label of Borderless Consulting

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