Be ready for future be ready for the quantum impact

Be business ready for the quantum future

Quantum technology is rapidly advancing. Forward-thinking companies are already experimenting with cloud-based and hybrid quantum computing, positioning themselves to capitalize on the unique and powerful innovations that quantum will unleash. Business leaders who understand the potential ramifications of this game-changing technolog what it means on an industry and organization level are already moving ahead.

Prepare for the quantum impact

Develop a business and IT strategy that will enable quantum innovation at speed and scale. Borderless Consulting will help you do initial steps and plan your journey.

The quantum revolution is here

Quantum computing technology is advancing rapidly, on track to enable vastly more complex business problems that can be solved through enhanced optimization, machine learning and simulation.

This is bringing transformation potential to multiple industries, making it possible to discover new remedies in life sciences, improve wealth management scenarios in financial services, reroute supply chains in real time and more. However, a haphazard enterprise approach to quantum such as researching only a single use case or proceeding without a cohesive strategy yields exactly what you would expect: innovative sparks with no lasting business value.

Quantum adoption shared where they are focusing their attention, saying they are using or plan to use the following: (source*IDC report survey 2022)


Cloud-based quantum computing


Quantum algorithms (including simulators, optimizations, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning)


Quantum networks


Hybrid quantum computing

Accelerate your quantum journey

The quantum-fueled future will arrive with a sudden and rapid shift. Prepare your business now and take advantage of the growth potential the technology will provide as it continues to mature. Technology that has extreme disruption potential has historically proven to change the competitive landscape nearly overnight. Fast-track your journey with a cohesive strategy, including relevant use cases, an innovation roadmap, hardware/software partnerships and skilled talent to gain an advantageous position for the quantum future.

To solve real-world business problems at scale in financial portfolio optimization, manufacturing efficiencies and more the management of quantum computing must shift toward IT services that are integrated into the enterprise infrastructure.

The right innovation partner can help accelerate your journey with established ecosystem relationships across hardware, software, middleware and cloud-based service providers, as well as various types of quantum technology


A majority of organizations will partner with consulting companies or full-stack providers to accelerate quantum computing innovation through 2023, according to Gartner.


According 2020 IDC survey about quantum adoption who said they are focusing their attention on quantum cryptography.


According survey from IDC who agree that quantum computing will provide enormous growth for their companies comparable to the growth they have experienced from artificial intelligence.

Quantum computing represents a major technological breakthrough that has the potential to revolutionize the way we solve problems and analyze data. With its ability to perform certain calculations much faster than classical computers, quantum computers have the potential to solve problems that are currently unsolvable and to provide insights that were previously unimaginable. This makes quantum computing an essential tool for driving innovation and staying competitive in today’s rapidly changing world. In addition, quantum computers have the potential to enhance the security of communication and data storage systems, making them an important part of our overall approach to cybersecurity. As such, we are committed to investing in and supporting the development of quantum computing technologies.

Julio Verissimo

President & CEO – Borderless Consulting

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