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Talks about Change Management Strategies

Thank you Dr.J. Meenakumari for inviting me has speaker for Change Management Strategies Presidency University Bangalore and Presidency College and Business School in #india I talked about #changemanagement #strategy #strategyexecution #strategydevelopment and how important it is in organizations and companies #business #university #bangalore #thankyou

1. Put people first

Successful change management prioritizes people. People fuel change and sustain its momentum. Change initiatives fail when the people involved don’t understand, believe in or engage in the change. 

2. Work with a change management model

Leaders are up against company culture, organizational momentum and human psychology when enacting change. To make change happen, they need the right tools to guide them 

3. Empower employees through communication

Communication is an essential part of effectively managing organizational change. A vision for change is only as powerful as the communication that supports it. Effective change management communication provides clarity 

4. Activate leadership

An  “active and visible executive sponsorship” as the top reason change initiatives succeed. Leadership’s impact on change is well-understood. The problem is that many leaders don’t understand the vital role they play in change. Educate leaders on their roles, and you’ll enable them to advance change successfully. 

5. Make change compelling and exciting

Employees can better understand the rationale behind a change when organizations prioritize purposeful, clear and consistent communication. This targeted communication strategy provides the context to understand the why 

6. Pay attention to high and low points in momentum 

There will be both high and low points during change initiatives. Leaders can pro actively manage and leverage these points in time. During the high points of change, leaders should celebrate wins to fuel momentum. At the low points, leaders can reset communication strategies to listen to employee input and build trust and support. Being proactive helps leaders manage momentum for the greatest success. 

7. Don’t ignore resistance

Change resistance is poisonous to an organization’s transformation. Resistance is much easier to counter when it’s identified early.

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