Send us your aplication

Send us your aplication

General Question

Welcome to Borderless Consulting aplication system general information for our aplicants and indication on aplication status

Where Can I Find More Information?

You can read about it on our website and contact us on [email protected], we look forward to help you!

What Are Your Terms and Conditions?

We do customised projects and solutions its all adapt to custoomer specifications., also for more please read about Terms & Conditions

What Kinds of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept any kind of official payment bank transfer, credit card or check witch are used mostly worldwide.

What is your policy regarding GPRD?

We maintain and have GPRD incorporated in out concepr and methadology of work having in mind allways customers privacy accourding the law you can read more about our GPRD Policy and Cookie Policy (EU)

Aplicants please send us the following information

Director of operations in group Borderless Consulting

We have a dedicated HR team to help our aplicants

As a HR Operations Specialist you play an important part our transformation and the delivery of extraordinary people services to employees working at the company all over the world.


  • Provide resolution to requests and queries related with the employee’s journey (i.e. onboarding, perform & grow, compensation & benefits, leave).
  • Coordinate with the in-country People Success Leaders and other stakeholders to solve complex requests and queries
  • Provide support and guidance to employees and managers on policies, processes, systems and tools.
  • Employee data and document administration ensuring accurate people data and compliance;
  • Deliver great employee experience with high levels of service, accuracy and timeliness.
  • Prepare reports and analytics to pro-actively support the business in making people data driven decisions;
  • Prepare and update People Success Services related process and documentation.

Next to your day-to-day activities you will support the People Success transformation and are continuously looking to improve the People Experience with everything you do.


  • You have a degree in Human Resources or other relevant area.
  • You have at least 2 years of experience in a similar role, preferably in an IT or software company.
  • You have a customer-centric mindset with a depth of thinking about positively impacting our people’s experience.
  • You are sensitive to cultural differences working in an international environment.
  • You have strong communication skills (written and verbal) in English. Knowledge of German, Spanish or Polish is an advantage;
  • You have good knowledge of MS Office and, preferably, knowledge in an ERP or HCM system
  • You have attention to detail and can process high volumes of work at an exceptional standard.
  • You are process and system focused, with a passion for efficiency and simplification.
  • You take initiative and manage priorities.

Job Offer

A chance to participate in the development of an international leading software firm.


In case of any dificulties about any technical issue send us a ticket on our Ticket System the technical team is here to help you! Alternatively you can send us an email by our email below.

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[email protected]

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(+351) 243 357 269

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